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Although the archives below have not been updated for years, is still sent out to members a few times a year. You can also stay up to date on what Katinka puts online by subscribing directly to her blog All Considering. New content on KatinkaHesselink.Net will be announced there too.

Editorial policy

This newsletter keeps you informed of the updates of Katinka Hesselink Net when they are in the religious or spiritual sections of that website. Lucifer7 will also open its pages to theosophical and religious controversy, and spread spiritual teachings of various kinds and sources, including classical theosophy, buddhism, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity and more.

The newsletter is named after H.P. Blavatsky's magazine Lucifer, about which she said:

"Since our journal is entirely unsectarian, since it is neither theistic nor atheistic, Pagan nor Christian, orthodox nor heterodox, therefore, its editors discover eternal verities in the most opposite religious systems and modes of thought." (1)

Since I don't see this policy repeated in any of the theosophical magazines, which generally hide from controversy, even if it but lurks from the horizon, this newsletter tries to be a bit more challenging and divers.

Katinka Hesselink



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This e-zine provides information and fiction and may or may not reflect the position of the editors. Lucifer7 makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information is accurate, but is in no way responsible for opinions based on that information. We cannot guarantee the reliability of any information posted.