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Notes From Orpheus Lodge Meeting: Brotherhood
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New Online

New blog (again) Spiritual India Trip

I've been fairly busy again this month. I went public with my plans to go to India next year and started a blog where I'll be gathering my research and thoughts. Of course I'll also use it to as a sort of diary once I am in India. And yes, I'll keep you up to date about the newest posts on this blog on this newsletter.

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Katinka Hesselink Net

I did an short overview of my site stats last month, just to give a glimpse of the new Google analytics data. Now I've set up a page just for my site stats. I don't think I'll be updating it monthly, but twice a year should be doable. So here goes: my site statistics.


Modern Theosophy

Short Quotes

A.E.S.S., Canadian Theosophist, Vol. 27, #1 (1946)

Let us assure ourselves that the ruling principle of the Universe is Love and that if we love normally and restrain our passions and desires we will enjoy health and good will. "Perfect Love casteth out Fear."

The Buddha

"I have lit the Lamp of Wisdom; its rays alone can drive away the gloom that shrouds the world."

Paul Brunton, The Secret Path, Chapter VIII

The ripening of the soul for this profound experience of union with the Overself takes place gradually, as does the ripening of fruit.

H.P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings IX, p. 102

Free as we suppose ourselves, we are walking about completely hypnotized by the past, acting blindly under suggestions thus cast upon us.

Notes From Orpheus Lodge Meeting, September, 1922

Canadian Theosophist, Volume 26, #11 (1946)

A clear conception of such basic abstract ideals as Brotherhood and Tolerance is exceedingly hard to obtain. The emotional imitation of these Spiritual values on the other hand, which passes for the real thing, is very common; it appeals to the senses and is eagerly accepted by almost everyone at sight as self-evident truth. This gaudy and attractive superficial view acts both as a snare and a veil hiding the reality behind from all, except those determined to probe deeply, in their search for truth. So the ordinary seeker for truth remains content with an easy round of kindly feelings and good intentions towards his fellows as his ideal of Brotherhood. At the same time Toleration becomes a spineless determination to agree with his fellows upon all controversial subjects.  Where this is impossible he maintains a comfortable protective silence, so that the tender feelings of his brother shall remain undisturbed by criticism, - taking no account of the possible injury the promulgation of such erroneous beliefs may have on others. In this way an agreeable emotional state miscalled "Harmony" is maintained in many lodges, at the expense of truth.  Failure to challenge these denatured emotional imitations of Theosophical values has been mainly responsible for the collapse of the T.S. as a Spiritual organization.

Real Brotherhood, may best be sought by a fearless expression of opinion, holding oneself ready at any instant to discard or alter one's beliefs should the evidence put forward require it, realizing always that any thought holds but a partial truth.  Tolerance, far from being an easy superficial acquiescence and let live policy, is the recognition of the right of another to the view he holds despite your strenuous opposition to it.  Toleration, thus cannot be said to exist where a free and open discussion is withheld.  Further, a tolerant individual must always hold his convictions open to criticism and examination, at all times.

Rounds with Jesus

One day, Jesus was making his daily rounds in heaven, just making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves, and he sees a dejected looking old man.

"Sir," says Jesus, "Please tell me what's troubling you?"

"Well," says the old man, "It's just that I thought I'd meet my long lost son here in paradise, but..."

Ever the kind and understanding sort, Jesus asks him to tell him about his son.

"Well, you see I was a carpenter on Earth, and my son was no ordinary child. No, he was very very special. No one had ever seen such a boy. And you must know, young man, how awful people can be down there. How they scorned my boy! Always he talked about such beautiful, magical things, but no one ever believed him; no one wanted to listen. Finally, my son was lost to me. I was sure he was dead, absolutely certain, I tell you. And then miraculously, I learned that he wasn't dead at all, but transformed. Transformed, I tell you! Never in the history of the world had such a thing occurred. But alas, before I could see him with my own eyes he disappeared again. And so here I am.

Jesus was struck by a sudden realization. "Joseph! Why, father, is it you?"
The two rushed to embrace.

"Oh yes! It is! It's me! Oh Pinnochio!

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