Lucifer7, October 2010

What’s the theosophical work?
Sep 07, 2010 04:29 am

We live in strange times. I grew up saving newspaper clippings of interesting facts, stories and opinions I’d found. My parents did the same. Why? Because the only way to be sure of details that were important, was to keep track of them somehow. These days, of course, IF we save newspaper clippings, we do ...

Manifestation of intention through visualisation in theosophy
Sep 06, 2010 09:50 am
I’m very glad to note that Pablo Sender had an article published in The Theosophist about a topic that’s VERY relevant to today’s world. Since he always gives me permission to publish his articles on my site, I just did. I’ll leave it to you all whether he understood today’s spirituality well enough. Anyhow, he ...
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Auroville, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
Sep 06, 2010 06:16 am
One of the options for my trip was starting at the Theosophical compound in Adyar, Madras. However, I have good reason to think I’m not welcome there. Instead a theosophical friend suggested they might be able to get me a volunteer position in Auroville. Despite it not being in North India – where my intuition ...
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New spiritual pages on squidoo August 2010
Sep 02, 2010 09:52 am
As you can see, I had another busy month. There are a lot of spiritual gift ideas here, as well as pages on famous people and one quotes page. Interfaith Jewelry – letting all religions coexist A lot of people are worried about the way different religions antagonize one another. It’s an old story, but ...
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Last months spiritual stuff
Sep 01, 2010 09:46 am
I try to keep you updated on what I put online elsewhere on the web, when it relates to spirituality and religion. However, since I’ve changed my newsletter technology, it amounts to this: I forget to share the essentials, till it’s time for the next one to come out. I’m fine with that actually, because ...
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Spiritual teachings best fresh?
Aug 31, 2010 09:08 am
I dreamt of fruit going bad last night, so I wonder… are spiritual teachings best ‘consumed’ fresh? What do you all think… are classic spiritual books for instance of the same value as say the fresh teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama? Comment Zen: I’m not asking for dream analysis ...
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Search for the Soul in Everyday Living, The Mother
Aug 30, 2010 06:37 am
Inspiring and thought provoking view on the spiritual path. A bit dated in places, but not less fascinating for it. There are real gems here though – things you’ll find rarely anywhere else. Though in places this book is evidently rooted in a time before psychology had taken a serious hold on our culture, it ...
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Albert Low zen quotes
Aug 27, 2010 03:27 am
The vow of the Bodhisattva is that she will not go into Nirvana until every single suffering being has entered Nirvana. One has to understand what this means. Our awakening is not a personal triumph. We do not have to win a spiritual sprint. We are one mind. Awakening is to penetrate more and more ...
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Essential Sufism, edited by James Fadiman and Robert Frager
Aug 24, 2010 12:53 pm
Though in a sense I grew up to appreciate Sufism, as it was my grandfather’s specialty, this book was my first real introduction to it’s poetry, wisdom and mysticism. The essence of any spiritual path is not in it’s history, it’s controversies or it’s mundane facts. The essence is the wisdom people have lived and ...
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The certainty of truth
Aug 11, 2010 09:49 am
Many people believe in old myths that contradict other beliefs and scientific evidence, and this causes division. Religious dogmas and myths were created before people had the benefit of modern science. Science attempts to objectively discover how life works, and religion attempts to subjectively find a way to live in harmony with life, so they both have ...
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