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My Purpose, Christian Larsen
Rules for Aspirants to Self-Knowledge

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Short Quotes

N. Sri Ram, Thoughts For Aspirants, Second Series

One learns to be wise only as he acts with awareness and integrity, not mechanically; action without wisdom is folly, and wisdom without action is only a lame and stilted substitute.

Miguel De Cervantes

Delay always breeds danger; and to protract a great design is often to ruin it.

Paul Brunton, The Inner Reality, Chapter V

Real love exists when there is true inward identification with the life of another entity.

Tirukkural 28:279

The arrow is straight but cruel; the lute is crooked but sweet.
Therefore, judge men by their acts, not their appearance.

C. G. Jung, CW 7: 409

Anyone who wants to know the human psyche will learn next to nothing from experimental psychology. He would be better advised to put away his scholar's gown, bid farewell to his study, and wander with human heart through the world. There in the horrors of prisons, lunatic asylums and hospitals, in drab suburban pubs, in brothels and gambling halls, in the salons of the elegant, the stock exchanges, Socialist meetings, churches, revivalist gatherings, and ecstatic sects, through love and hate, through the experience  of passion in every form in his own body, he would reap richer stores in knowledge than textbooks a  foot thick could give him, and he will know how to doctor the sick with real knowledge of the human soul."

My Purpose

Christian Larsen, Canadian Theosophist, Volume 24, #7

    The world needs me, otherwise I would not be here.  I am a part of the whole and each part is necessary to the welfare of the whole.  I wilt live, think, and work in the conviction that I am not only wanted, but needed.  That great truth shall be my constant inspiration.
    The welfare of the whole grows greater and greater, the better each part plays its part.  Therefore I must be nothing less than all that I possibly can be.  I am here for a great purpose;  Life is too important to send me here for any other purpose;  and whatever may come or go, to that purpose I shall ever be true.
    Life to me means the being of my best and the doing of my best, that all the world may be better.  I shall not live for things, but for that greater life that reigns in the spirit of all things;  nor shall the coming or going of things cause me to depart from the lofty position that I have taken.
    To me, there can be no defeat, no failure, no loss.  He is never defeated who wins the life he has elected to live.  He knows no failure who gains the richer life from every experience, circumstance or event that may come to pass.  He knows no loss who ascends to the greater whenever the lesser seems to pass away, and this, I propose to do.  This I must do to be true to the life I am here to live.
    My first thought shall be to love much;  my second, to do much, but I shall do nothing that will not add to the happiness and welfare of someone.
    My aim shall be to reach the heights, not that I alone may enjoy the splendor of the heights, but that others may find the way.
    My face shall ever be turned to the light of the great Eternal Sun;  and to become a living revelation of that light, shall be the dearest wish of my heart.

Rules for Aspirants to Self-Knowledge

source unknown. - Eirenicon for Aug.-Sept. Canadian Theosophist, Vol. 24, #8, 1943

    RULE ONE:  If you would know the Self, you must know that the self which is everything to itself is nothing in itself;  it is both the creator and the victim of illusion;  but do not treat it as such until you know it as such.
    RULE TWO:  Live to the highest and fullest you know in the life of the self you know;  only when you know yourself are you ready to forget yourself;  only when you forget yourself are you ready to know your Self.
    RULE THREE:  Discriminate between the self that lives in the consciousness of its separateness from all other selves, and the Self which knows itself as essentially one with all other Selves and with the ALL-SELF.  The second cannot be born until the first dies;  the first cannot die until it has given birth to the second.
     RULE FOUR:  Ponder on the mystery of The Three Selves.  The first is the Shadow;  the second is the Substance of the Shadow;  the third is the Sun that casts the Shadow of the Substance.
    RULE FIVE: Do not love the light of day for it is darkness;  do not fear the darkness of night, for it is there the Starry Triangle burns, making the darkness light and the light darkness.
    RULE SIX:  Look not to yourself but within yourself for the courage which will suffice to face that fearful knowledge of yourself in all the fullness alike of its failures and its spiritual possibilities, which shatters, and, in shattering, liberates you to take the first step into the Kingdom of Self-Knowledge.
    RULE SEVEN:  Avoid the two pitfalls on the Path.  One is self-pride;  the other is self-contempt.
    RULE EIGHT:  Prepare yourself for the opening of the Secret Eye;  it will show you how within the self of the present moment lies hidden the Self you are going to be, as the oak within the acorn.
    RULE NINE:  Never fear or shun experience;  take all that Destiny brings, joyous and tragic alike, as food for that Self which is growing up within you throughout the ages in the image of that Self which you are in the Mind of God from everlasting to everlasting.
    RULE TEN:  Have faith in Love, even in the Desert and on the Cross.  When you thus accept loneliness you will know that you are one of a shining company innumerable;  when thus you accept suffering you will know the secret of Spiritual Joy.
    RULE ELEVEN:  Hold fast to the hand of Love.  His face is unknown to you, but He is no stranger;  He leads you by perilous paths and ways of warfare, but He is no enemy, and the name of His abiding-place is Peace.
    RULE TWELVE:  Never resist Love when He would work His will with you through the darkness.  He lives in you to bring you into the Light;  He is Himself the Light, and, in so far as you live in Him, you too are the Light.

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