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Short Quotes

October, 1897, from "The Internationalist." reprinted in Letters That Have Helped Me, by William Q. Judge

You must find yourself out.  And you had better do something concretely practical for some other needy person rather than aim at "ideal thoughts," soaring in clouds and other useless things.  Envy no one.  You express envy for ---.  They need aid as much as you.  Their conditions and capacities are not yours;  better find and measure your own.  As you say, your brain wavers, then give it a long rest and do simple constant acts, of kindness for others..... There are all too many members who too hastily aspire to be great writers, orators, leaders .... The tortoise and not the hare won the race.  The purely practical part of the movement needs workers.  There are too many dreamers. 

Paul Brunton, The Inner Reality, Chapter IX

Desires, wishes, and feelings, are in the end nothing but thoughts.
Peace is the absence of thoughts and desires.
You are inwardly divine. Be that.
The ascetic and the would-be yogi may try to banish all thoughts, but the sage is not trying to do anything. He understands and accepts thoughts, but he is not at their mercy for he realizes what they really are and controls them effortlessly and spontaneously.

Tirukkural 22:216-217

Riches retained by generous men
Resemble a fruit tree ripening in the heart of a village.

In the hands of a benevolent man,
Wealth is like a medicinal tree whose healing gifts help all.

H.P. Blavatsky

-- From a letter to Thomas H. Evans, Washington, D. C., sent by him for publication to The Occult Word, Dec 1885; ed. Mrs. Josephine W. Cables, Rochester, New York. Source

Broad, smooth and flower-sprinkled is the way to the world's rewards; narrow, hard, sorrow beset the path to the Temple of Truth.


An experiment was started this month. I bought the domain name and use it to forward to my modern theosophy site. So if you would like to type in your URL's, this will make it easier.

This year is the hundredth anniversary of the death of Henry Steell Olcott. The Theosophical Society (TS) Adyar will, worldwide, use this year to commemorate his work and his memory. He will be most remembered for his contribution to the TS (after the split the TS Adyar), of which he was co-founder and life-long president, and his work for Buddhism. Less known are his work in education and in the development of Indian commerce and technology. He also lectured widely in India, speaking about whatever the people present wanted him to speak about. In India and Ceylon he was also for a time known for his healing, literally healing hundreds of people at a time. 

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Practical Use of Isis Unveiled

H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, p. 634-35

By those who have followed us thus far, it will naturally be asked, to what practical issue this book tends; much has been said about magic and its potentiality, much of the immense antiquity of its practice.  Do we wish to affirm that the occult sciences ought to be studied and practiced throughout the world?  Would we replace modern spiritualism with the ancient magic?  Neither; the substitution could not be made, nor the study universally prosecuted, without incurring the risk of enormous public dangers.  At this moment, a well-known spiritualist and lecturer on mesmerism is imprisoned on the charge of raping a subject whom he had hypnotized.  A sorcerer is a public enemy, and mesmerism may most readily be turned into the worst of sorceries.

We would have neither scientists, theologians, nor spiritualists turn practical magicians, but all to realize that there was true science, profound religion, and genuine phenomena before this modern era.  We would that all who have a voice in the education of the masses should first know and then teach that the safest guides to human happiness and enlightenment are those writings which have descended to us from the remotest antiquity; and that nobler spiritual aspirations and a higher average morality prevail in the countries where the people take their precepts as the rule of their lives.  We would have all to realize that magical, i.e., spiritual powers exist in every man, and those few to practice them who feel called to teach, and are ready to pay the price of discipline and self-conquest which their development exacts.

Many men have arisen who had glimpses of the truth, and fancied they had it all.  Such have failed to achieve the good they might have done and sought to do, because vanity has made them thrust their personality into such undue prominence as to interpose it between their believers and the whole truth that lay behind.  The world needs no sectarian church, whether of Buddha, Jesus, Mahomet, Swedenborg, Calvin, or any other.  There being but ONE Truth, man requires but one church — the Temple of God within us, walled in by matter but penetrable by any one who can find the way; the pure in heart see God.

Tao Te Ching

"What is half shall become whole.
What is crooked shall become straight.
What is empty shall become full.
What is old shall become new.
Whosoever has little shall receive.
Whosoever has much, from him shall be taken away.

Thus also is the Man of Calling:
he encompasses the One
and sets an example to the world.
He does not want to shine,
therefore will he be enlightened.
He does not want to be anything for himself,
therefore he becomes resplendent.
He does not lay claim to glory,
therefore he accomplishes works.
He does not seek excellence,
therefore he will be exalted.
Because whosoever does not quarrel
with him no-one in the world can quarrel.
What the ancients said: "that which is half shall become full,"
is truly not an empty phrase.
All true completeness is summed up in it."

Karmic Conundrums

Protogonos, Winter '89-90, #8

If an adept suffers because of his efforts to elevate humanity, does he suffer because of his "bad" karma? - If someone injures you, is it because perhaps you injured them in a previous life. If you injured them then, was it because of their bad karma, that they previously injured you? Where does the chain begin? - If someone is born with a "silver spoon" in their mouth and lives a life of comfort, is it because of good karma always, or because they wouldn't be strong enough for a difficult life? If spiritual progress is often accompanied with suffering, is a bag lady progressing faster than a millionaire? - Is Tibet being potentially destroyed as a nation and culture because they concentrate on the spiritual to the exclusion of practical concerns? Do they have "bad karma" from being too spiritual?

More on karma

A fore-thought:  rules for being human

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